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Hurry, your next Uber in NYC could be all about Manchester United


Look, there aren't many things which can truly impress New Yorkers. Yet, somehow, the Mini Countryman pictured above managed to make quite a few heads turn during a drive across Manhattan. Whatever it may have been, it's safe to bet those bright red colors draping the car had something to do with it -- and the not-so-subtle branding didn't hurt its chances to impress, either. Regardless, this Manchester United-themed vehicle is part of a full fleet of 20 vehicles, one for each Premier League team, that NBC Sports and Uber will have cruising around Manhattan through this Sunday. The free rides (up to a 30-minute drive) are obviously being used as a way to promote the start of the EPL season on NBC Sports Network here in the US, which kicks off on Saturday, August 16th. Uber, for its part, isn't new to having bizarre rides hit the streets, like the time-traveling DeLorean and, of course, those beloved Ice Cream trucks. Now we can add this one to the list.

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We had a chance to take a ride along and experience, in our case, a Manchester United Mini Cooper. To make the adventure more immersive, NBC Sports and Uber put an iPad on the cars' backseat, which is used to test your soccer knowledge with a three-question quiz -- better yet, you'll have the chance to win tickets to attend a Premier League match this season. What's more, the driver also gives you an EPL-branded rubbery cardholder, in case you're into that sort of stuff. The entire thing was a little underwhelming overall, so don't expect to get your mind blown by any means. Still, assuming you're in Manhattan, you can get a free ride and hopefully be lucky enough to get a Countryman that's sporting the colors and logos from your favorite team. Details on the promo code and timing can be found below.

Fans can find the Premier League Uber rides [promo code: BPLonNBC] in Manhattan at the following times:

o Thursday, August 14 from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

o Friday, August 15 from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

o Saturday, August 16 from 6:45 am – 2:00 pm

o Sunday, August 17 from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm

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