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Super Time Force Ultra flies to Steam on August 25


Super Time Force Ultra, the updated, spit-shined, expanded version of Capy Games' Super Time Force, is due out on Steam on August 25, Capy co-founder Nathan Vella said during a meeting at Gamescom this afternoon. The official announcement is due to hit the wider web any moment now.

Super Time Force Ultra includes 50 new levels, three "crazy new characters," a new power-up move and more cool stuff.

"We kind of went a little crazy," Vella said. "And then we actually went back and added a ton of art. Added more art to it, a bunch more sounds, an entirely secondary soundtrack to the game now which takes place during slow motion. I don't know. It's nuts. It's kind of dumb."

Or kind of great.
[Image: Capy]

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