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TMZ thinks this Android phone is the iPhone 6


TMZ is super, super proud of its "exclusive" scoop on the iPhone 6 today, as is clear by its obnoxious headline and loaded article that tells the story of a former Foxconn employee heroically smuggling the highly anticipated device out from manufacturing. As you'd expect from TMZ, there are plenty of grainy photos to go along with this.

The only problem is that they don't have photos of an iPhone 6. It's an Android phone.

First, let's tackle a couple of the images of the supposed Apple gadget and do some sleuthing. We'll start with this:

iphone 6

I see a "lock" button that's been moved to the side of the device. Fair enough, given the larger size. But what's with the SIM Card door? It's not even flush with the phone's frame. That, alone, is a dead giveaway that it wasn't built from an Apple design. Apple doesn't design something that doesn't fit together, and we're reminded of that literally every single time it releases a new device.

Next, we'll check out the front:

iphone 6

Again we see that the SIM door is wildly misfitting, but look at the screen itself. Five icon rows on the new 4.7-inch display? That doesn't seem right, especially considering that's essentially a stock screenshot from iOS 7. But what's even more telling is the date icon. Do you see that "13"? That isn't the font that Apple uses for the date icon, it's far too thick. If you shift your attention to the lettering used for each icon you'll see that they have drop shadows which, again, aren't present in either iOS 7 or iOS 8.

What we have here is an Android phone dressed up in an iPhone exterior, running a heavily modified version of Android 4.2.2. I know this because a Redditor posted images of a remarkably similar device -- complete with the iPhone 6 box seen in the TMZ images, and running on Android -- which was purchased by a Chinese knockoff seller:

iphone 6

Look familiar?

Oh, and by the way: Welcome, TMZ, to the world of Apple rumors. Next time, bring your 'A' game.

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