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    Puzzlfy is great fun for all

    Puzzlfy is an iPad only jigsaw puzzle game where you can make your own puzzles either from photos or video. There are a few options to make puzzles out of video and photos provided by the game but the real fun is taking your own photos and making puzzles out of them. Puzzlfy works on iPads running iOS 7.0 or later.

    Players can choose to either make a puzzle out of the stock videos or images or use their personal photos and videos. This is a great feature that shows the customization options available. Stickers are also available to be used on each puzzle which adds another layer of fun and keeps puzzles from getting boring as there are numerous different combinations for each image and video. When you use your own photos, the replay value becomes virtually endless.

    There are four different difficulty levels to choose from in Puzzlfy: super easy, easy, medium, and hard. This is great for broadening the age groups that can play this game. Super easy and easy are very similar modes with the only difference being that in super easy mode pieces still snap into place even if you don't get the piece exactly in the right location. Another way of changing the difficulty is by toggling the puzzle silhouettes and puzzle piece outlines on or off. This brings new challenges to the typical jigsaw puzzle especially when you don't have outlines to follow.

    The difference in difficulty between medium and hard was rather abrupt when compared to the difficulty increase between easy and medium. Hard mode has a lot more pieces and at times it is difficult to see the puzzle outlines to know where to put pieces. However, the puzzles are still enjoyable at every level.

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    At the time of reviewing, there is a section that says "more videos coming soon." Currently, there are only two videos provided by the Puzzlfy, so more videos are a welcome addition. Another feature that is a little bit lacking in amount are the stickers; currently there are only four categories to choose from and the "more stickers!" button at the top does not do anything at the moment. The stickers could also use the ability to resize them as they would meld better with the pictures in the background if you could scale them and maybe even rotate them. This gives more personality to each puzzle but even without this addition, Puzzlfy is still a very fun game.

    Puzzlfy is definitely geared toward children with its playground music and occasional "hello" sound effect. The bright yellow buttons and purple background similarly echo this kid friendly vibe. However, adults can still have fun with Puzzlfy especially when you take into account all of the different puzzles you can make from your own photos. It is great for people who want a creative use for the photos they have taken besides just posting to their walls.

    Puzzlfy is available for free on the App Store. Whether you are a parent wanting a fun game to entertain your child or an adult just wanting a whimsical puzzle game to unwind with, you will still enjoy Puzzlfy.

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