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Warlords of Draenor: Recruit death knight Abu'gar for your garrison

Anne Stickney

Sometimes, death knights aren't all about death, destruction, and cold. Sometimes they really just want to kick back and reflect on what's important in the world -- fishing. Well, at least one death knight would rather be fishing, and his name is Abu'gar. Abu'gar was never exactly thrilled with the idea of serving the Lich King, he just wanted to spend his undeath relaxing by the side of a warm lake. You can find Abu'gar out in a lovely secluded glade in Nagrand, contemplating the water, the scenery, and the fishing conditions, all of which seem to be pretty idyllic as far as the death knight is concerned.

But unfortunately, he's missing a few key items to take advantage of the awesome fishing spot he just found -- and that's where you come in. Scattered around the zone are the various tools Abu'gar needs to get a fantastic day of fishing in under the warm skies of Nagrand. Apparently Abu'gar is the forgetful sort, or simply neglects to pick up his things when he's moving on.

Abu'gar needs three things -- a lure, a reel, and of course his prized fishing pole. As you wander Nagrand, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled, because none of these items are particularly easy to find. It's another fun excuse to explore the world around you and hunt down hidden items just waiting to be found. In return for bringing him his gear, Abu'gar will indulge in a day of amazing fishing and then hightail it back to your garrison as a follower.

While Abu'gar isn't a rare follower on the beta, he's a good pick -- and the way you recruit him is just as quirky and fun as his oddball story. You don't have to find Abu'gar and speak to him in order to begin finding his items, you can simply start picking them up if you stumble across them while you're out and about. Blizzard is definitely doing a good job with mixing it up in terms of making sure that garrisons aren't just about quests and quest rewards -- the whole garrison experience is shaping up to be something far more engaging and entertaining than just another quest hub.

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