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Best Buy, Amazon offer Hyrule Warriors pre-order costumes

S. Prell, @SamPrell

GameStop won't be the only retailer with special costumes for Link and friends when Hyrule Warriors battles for control of your Wii U on September 26. Best Buy and Amazon have also opened some special chests and ... Dun-dun-dun-DUN! ... have pulled out some exclusive costumes as well.

Fans of the latest Legend of Zelda game should head over to Best Buy, where you'll get Skyward Sword-themed costumes for Link and Zelda when you pre-order the game. Those who prefer their Hero of Time to be a bit darker should opt for Amazon, which has Twilight Princess-themed costumes for the tunic-wearing swordsman and Hyrule's most-kidnappable princess.

And don't forget, no matter where you pick up the game, if you're a Club Nintendo member who registers your copy before October 23, you'll receive two costumes for Zelda baddie, Ganondorf.
[Image: Nintendo/Tecmo Koei]

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