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Go To Bed sets up 'bedroom defense' on iOS this fall

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Hiding under the covers is only so effective against the creepy crawlies that haunt a child's bedroom at night. Why not go a bit more offensive and use your iOS device's touchscreen to tap, swipe and flick at the nightmares coming to get you? Such is the premise of Go To Bed, a so-called "bedroom defense" game featuring hand-drawn graphics coming this fall.

In Go To Bed, players use light-based power-ups to defend against a horde of increasingly-difficult and monstrous baddies. Developer Touchfight Games calls Go To Bed "a creepy little game that also isn't afraid to throw humor and goofiness into the mix."

Touchfight Games is founded by freelance games journalist Nathan Meunier. Regarding his decision to move from writing about games to making them, Meunier wrote on a blog post that his "groove" had shifted in recent years. "Channeling some of my creative energy into making my own quirky games with two local pals has been tremendously uplifting," Meunier wrote. "It's rekindled my passion for games in a totally different way. Playing games feels exciting again, and on a whole different level."

Meunier writes that he and the team at Touchfight hope to release Go To Bed in time for Halloween, but the date isn't set in stone. You can check out the first teaser after the break.
[Image: Touchfight Games]

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