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PS3 hardware price drop announced for Japan


The PlayStation 3 will have its price slashed in Japan later this month, dropping the 500GB "Charcoal Black" model to ¥25,980 (approximately $253), Sony revealed this week.

The discounted CECH-4300C model replaces the PS3's current CECH-4000C "super slim" edition in Japan, Siliconera reports. The current 500GB model retails for ¥33,900 at

Following the price drop, Sony will discontinue Japan's current 500 GB (CECH-4200C), 250 GB (CECH-4200B), and 250 GB "Classic White" (CECH-4200BLW) PS3 hardware bundles. The discounted hardware goes on sale in Japan on August 28. Sony has issued no word regarding a PS3 hardware price drop elsewhere in the world.

[Image: Sony]

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