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See Ninja Theory's canceled game, Razer, in action


Yesterday, we told you about Razer, a game in development at Ninja Theory that had no luck finding a publisher and was canceled in favor of the newly-revealed Hellblade. Today, we bring you internal footage of what could have been.

According to a series of Ninja Theory tweets, the trailer found below the break is "genuine pitch materials," meaning it depicts a game that is far from completion. Despite this, we can see a few novel ideas in play. Apparently Razer would have allowed for multiplayer cooperation between players within the game itself and those using tablets to observe the battle, not unlike the Commander mode in Battlefield 4. Where EA's game is a first-person shooter, however, Razer is closer to a third-person action game both gunplay and melee combat in close quarters.

Unfortunately, since no publisher agreed to fund Razer, it's unlikely the game will ever see the light of day. That said, if any budding developers want to take up the task of completing what Ninja Theory has begun, the developer has announced plans to release the game's development materials to the public.
[Image: Ninja Theory]

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