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Broadcast your own TV show with PS4's AR Studio


The PlayStation 4 Playroom app is now good for more than just torturing (?) adorable robots with the PS4 Camera. The Playroom now also includes AR Studio, which lets you create your own live, interactive broadcasts. The amount of functionality (assuming it all works, of course) is kind of impressive, allowing broadcasters to use lots of screen effects, play MP3s via USB and even play back videos recorded on your PS4. Want to do your own SportsCenter-esque wrap-up of your unbelievable Resogun run, complete with custom soundtrack and video play-by-play? It sounds like you'll be able to do just that.

Eat your heart out, Avatar Kinect. You all remember Avatar Kinect, right? No? Never mind. AR Studio is available via the PlayStation Store as a free add-on.

[Image: Sony]

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