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Upvote while you showboat with Xbox One's Reddit app


Xbox One becomes the first console to get a Reddit-based app when Reddx launches on the console today in the US and Canada. Fans of the aggregation site/social hub/gif-abase can snap in the exclusive Reddx app, allowing them to play games or watch shows in one window while upvoting and downvoting in the other.

According to the developer Stern Beast, ReddX supports image panning and zooming; gif playing with rewind, pause and fast forward features; and full input support across controller, voice, Kinect gestures, SmartGlass, USB keyboards and Xbox One media remotes. Also, it's free to all Xbox One users, so yes, you can lose yourself to the time-eating clutches of the Trees Sucking at Things subreddit without a Gold membership.

Microsoft also announced a new MTV app is coming to Xbox One in the US today, allowing users to view episodes with a TV subscription and keep up with all the young people news.

Meanwhile, a few new features are on the way to the console's Twitch app, including the ability to see what your Xbox friends are watching and check them out too. Also, the app's getting a new Kinect trick that allows the sensor to follow and auto-zoom onto players' faces while broadcasting. As for players without Kinect, they'll be able to capture audio from an attached headset once the Twitch update rolls in.

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