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Bungie ordered to recoup Marty O'Donnell's founders' stock


A court-appointed arbitrator has ruled that Bungie must return the founders' stock it stripped from former Halo composer Marty O'Donnell following his contentious dismissal earlier this year, reports VentureBeat.

As our readers are no doubt aware, founders' stock in Bungie is now quite valuable, following the lengthy string of successes the developer has had since it launched Halo on the original Xbox all those years ago. With the upcoming debut of the highly-anticipated, open-universe shooter Destiny, O'Donnell's stock is likely to grow even more valuable. Unfortunately for O'Donnell, despite this ruling, the legal red tape has yet to be cleared away. Bungie can still file an appeal against the arbitration and until a final order is issued O'Donnell isn't in the clear.

This ruling marks the second time an official has sided with O'Donnell in the recent past. About a month ago, O'Donnell was awarded a little over $95,000 that a court ruled was owed the composer as unpaid wages and overtime compensation.
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