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UPS says malware attack compromised customer info at 51 of its stores


Have you done any business with UPS recently? You'd better check out the company's website: some of its stores may have leaked your personal data. After receiving a security advisory from the US Government, the company discovered that 51 UPS Stores were infected with malware, potentially compromising customer data for more than 105,000 transactions. UPS has already removed the offending software, of course, but the damage may have already been done. Now the company is trying to make good.

Customers affected by the data breach are eligible for free identity protection and credit monitoring services -- unfortunately, UPS isn't offering the services to customers directly. Instead, its posting a list of impacted locations on its website and asking customers to check themselves. The free proaction services are a nice gesture, but it's not the best outreach for customers that don't keep up with UPS news. Worried you're affected? Check out the list at the source link below.

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