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LG's L-series phones keep the flair but drop the specs


With its latest L-series devices, LG is sticking to its script of building low-spec devices that retain some of the design cues, features and software of its higher-end handsets. Like earlier models, both the new L Fino and L Bello phones are aimed at emerging and youth markets with specs like 1.2GHz/1.3GHz quad-core CPUs, low-res WVGA screens, no LTE and 8-megapixel rear/1-megapixel front cameras (front VGA only for the Fino). Rather than specs though, LG is emphasizing the UX software features carried over from the G3 and other models.

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Those include a back button, the Knock Code unlocking system and the QuickCircle case for fast access to the camera and other functions. Both models also have a recent version of Android KitKat, 4.4.2, and come in a range of colors like gold, red and green.

Given competition like the Moto E, which looks to have a bit more style, the success of the devices will likely depend in large part on their price. LG has yet to release that info yet, but seems to have confidence in the new handsets, judging by the aggressive launch schedule. They'll start rolling out in Latina America this month, followed by Europe, Asia and other regions soon.

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