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    Team Stream is one stop shopping for all your sports information

    John Emmert

    Team Stream lets you follow all your favorite teams: MLB, NFL, NCAA, NHL, NBA and more; plus your favorite players, including all those on your fantasy teams. If you use an app for scores, another one to track your favorite baseball team, a third for your favorite college team and even another one to follow your fantasy team, Bleacher Report has the solution that gives you all that information and more in a single app and its free. It works on all iOs devices running iOs 7.0 or later.

    The navigation and set up is easy, just select the edit button in the upper left corner and then go through all the sports, players, and other choices. This personalizes the app just the way you need it to satisfy your individual needs.

    Team Stream screenshot

    In the list you will find your local teams based on your location. There will be several people choices like your fantasy team members, MLB players, NBA players and top news stories. You can add as many as you like and will get notifications whenever they do something newsworthy.

    I entered many of my favorite teams and a player. The notifications started almost immediately, each one appearing on my device individually. If you go to the app you can access all of the latest ones by tapping the small arrow next to the Team Stream name at the top.

    Team Stream offers more than just team and player news. You can select NFL news or MLB news and other longer form stories. For example, you can add "Uniform Watch", one of my personal favorites, to keep track of all the changes teams are making in their uniforms. For example new Cardinal pitcher John Lackey acquired his favorite number 41 from current Cardinal pitcher Pat Neshek.

    Team Stream screenshot

    You will also find a "Trending" stream in the choices so you can keep up to date on the very latest and most popular stories.

    After using the app for a couple of days I found that it performed quickly and supplied me with just about every bit of information I needed. Team Stream will remain on my phone and be my go-to choice for everything sports related.

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