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Apple removes "Secret" app from Brazilian App Store per Judge's ruling


A Brazilian judge a few days ago informed both Google and Apple that they had a few days to remove the Secret app from their respective app stores and remotely delete the app from users' devices. In case you're unfamiliar, Secret is an app that enables users to anonymously post, well, secrets that they might not ordinarily express without a cloak of secrecy. Think of it as PostSecret gone mobile.

So why all the fuss about Secret in Brazil? Well apparently anonymity in the country is illegal.

Gigaom reports:

In his ruling, judge Paulo César de Carvalho pointed out that the Brazilian constitution says "the privacy, private life, honor and image of persons are inviolable, and the right to compensation for property or moral damages resulting from their violation is ensured." The constitution also backs free expression, but to square that with its privacy elements it forbids anonymity.

Now comes word via 9to5Mac that Apple has, in fact, removed Secret from the Brazilian App Store. Users searching for the app are now greeted with an "Item Not Available" alert message. At this point it remains unclear whether or not Apple or Google have gone so far as to remotely delete the app from iOS and Android devices, but we'll keep you posted once we find out more.

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