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BlackBerry jumps on reports of iMessage spam to tout the benefits of BBM


Given the recent spate of stories centering on iMessage being a haven for spammers, the official BlackBerry Blog seized the opportunity to pen a post detailing 5 reasons why BlackBerry's own BBM messaging service is impervious to the spam reportedly affecting iMessage users.

3) BBM Protected ups the security ante. Privacy is the main issue with iMessage and spam. BBM protects your privacy by only allowing users to send messages to approved contacts. Our secure enterprise messaging service, BBM Protected, takes it a step further by adding an advanced layer of encryption. This ensures your messages aren't vulnerable to spying or hacking while being transmitted.

4) BBM empowers you to protect yourself from unsolicited messages. On the rare chance that you get spam or an unwanted ad, you only need to block the person from your contact list and refuse further attempts to reach you in the future.

Now there's no need to mock BlackBerry because, let's face it, it's not as if the company poses much of a threat anymore to Apple or any other current player in the mobile space. But still, it's remarkable how far the mighty have fallen. BBM used to be one of RIM's crown jewels, and now the company finds itself piggybacking on tenuous reports of iMessage spam in an effort to convince users to give it a spin.

Now that's not to say that BBM is an utterly desolate ghost town. On the contrary, BlackBerry noted last September that the service handles 10 billion messages every day. That's ostensibly impressive until you realize that WhatsApp as of January, 2014 was handling 50 billion messages a day.

BlackBerry's BBM app for iOS originally launched about 11 months ago, and though it features some compelling features and experienced an initial wave of popularity, there's no evidence to suggest that it can stem the growing number of users opting for iMessage and other messaging options, blog lists be damned.

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