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Costa's only gone and swapped coffee reward cards for apps


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Is that Costa Coffee Club rewards card weighing down your wallet and generally just giving you the hump? Well, slice it up and chuck it in the bin, because now there's an app for that. With Costa's new Coffee Club app (new to Android, anyway, and updated on iOS) you can, instead, perfect your aggressive posture and sighing volume as a junior barista struggles to scan your grubby smartphone screen. As well as being useful for collecting and cashing in reward points, it'll also direct you to your nearest Costa in case the only thing in your vicinity is an indy outlet serving Lavazza -- I've seen the logo at service stations, which means it probably tastes like warm, caffeinated Carling. The app will even keep you up to date with offers and breaking news regarding your favourite beverage vendor. And who needs a fancy, Starbucks-like mobile wallet feature when you can have a user-defined profile image? (Mine's going to be an on-theme selfie, with half my face obscured by a coffee cup, and maybe a little latte foam on the tip of my nose for comedic effect). On a serious note, though, if you frequent Costa then you might actually wanna download this.

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