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One Shots: [Epic Pants]


If you've never truly appreciated a good pair of pants, then you've never been a video gamer who's had a character in severe want of some. Today, we're able to bring you a story that will make you tear up when you hear about one player who got what we've all wanted.

"After downloading the massive pre-launch Firefall update, I logged in to find that my Engineer looked different somehow: more self assured, more confident," reader Ralph the Wonder Llama wrote. "You see, all through beta my engineer had been getting by with just one 'pant.' While the other players used to run around looking all comfy in their full pair of pants, my poor Engineer had to make do wearing just one. But no more! No more sleepless nights wondering where her other pant had gone! No more Chosen snickering at her for showing up to battle half-dressed! My Engineer can finally hold her head high! She has... PANTS!"

Pass me a hankie, that was beautiful. To see the pants in their full-color glory, all you need to do is stop sobbing for a minute to click that button.

A shiny red sheen on an enemy in WildStar means that this is one difficult mother to tackle, and if you're not prepared, you should steer clear. However, I can't help but think that it's also a sugary cherry coating, and I just wanna take a lick. Would that be so bad?

Reader Brian has this to say about a tasty boss: "This is the last big baddy that you fight in the Galeras zone. Had a higher level member of my guild (thanks Fyre!) help me and another guild member finish this last quest out. His size and health bar were pretty intimidating when first encountered!"

I think Lord of the Rings Online has a new "most screenshotted" vista to replace Rivendell. I know that I've taken a good dozen or so pics from the same vantage point that reader Chingloves did here.

"This is my first view of Dol Amroth as seen from the beacon of Amon Lontir," Chingloves writes. "Arrived there in the dead of night so decided to sit and watch the sunrise over Dol Amroth while I was sorting through some real-life paperwork. I did not expect to see ships sailing from the docks and out to sea! Beautiful."

"Here is a little Easter egg room in The Secret World," Reader Dynatos said. "Can anyone else find it? I'm not sure if there's a story behind it but I thought it was a great little find."

Not to burst your bubble, Dyna, but I've seen this place too. Don't worry; I won't spill the secret. The hunt is on, readers! Let us know in the comments if you know where this is!

Speaking of Easter eggs, why don't we make that our screenshot challenge of the week? Find some weird little oddity that the devs put in for attentive players and snap the heck out of it!

Want to be featured in a future edition of One Shots? Send your favorite MMO screenshots to, and don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images. Look ma, we brought back One Shots!

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