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Cubesis, A god game where you're not the only god


In Cubesis, you control the weather on a series of floating square habitats, home to the Cubies, in order to maintain their crops, keep water levels at bay, boil the Cubies alive or make them happy. With the almighty power of weather control, you can destroy or save the Cubies on each island by solving a series of strategic environment puzzles.

But the Cubies aren't the only ones you have to please – each world is watched over by two gods, Ikjuch and Likael, who can enact severe punishment or generous salvation upon the Cubeworld, depending on their moods and how you treat them. Cubesis is a game of balance. And maybe boiling Cubies alive.

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To give Cubesis a puzzle element, each map has a specific goal, such as "cross the sea" or "build a city in the lake," and players' strategies will have to shift with every challenge. Cubesis is available now on Steam (PC) for $5 from Wonderful Tree Studio and published by Wastelands Interactive.

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