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    Fire in the hole is a blast for some

    Fire in the hole (free) is an arcade-style game similar to Space Invaders, featuring 8-bit graphics and a retro soundtrack. The controls are easy to pick up. You control when to shoot a bomb from the cannon that moves side-to-side at the bottom of the screen and when to explode that bomb to take down the pirates that are coming down from the top of the screen. Fire in the hole is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later.

    The game's mechanics are a recipe for addictive gameplay, but it can feel repetitive and unnecessarily difficult. Not having control over the cannon is awkward, and even though it brings a unique challenge, it doesn't help the game's repetitive nature. The enemies also follow a random pattern when they float down from the top of the screen which makes it extremely difficult to judge when and at what point to launch the bombs let alone when to explode them.

    Another annoyance is that there is no way to pause the action, so once you start playing you're committed. Also, a full-screen ad that appears at the end of a game is difficult to dismiss without accidentally tapping it.

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    Players can change the overall look of fire in the hole with "style points" won from getting different types of hits on the pirate ships to buy different bomb, enemy, cannon, and pet sprites in the style store to replace the ones currently in the game.

    One cool touch in the art style is the shadows of the sea creatures. Occasionally, you can see a giant squid or a sea turtle swimming in the water. This adds more movement and makes the game feel more alive. The music is somewhat calming, which contrasts nicely with the action of the gameplay. Fire in the hole is free on the App Store and recommended for those looking for a challenging arcade-style game and don't mind the repetitive nature.

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