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Stiq Figures, August 11 - 17: Successors we never got edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

Between the wealth of traditional powerhouse studios and smaller teams that thrive in digital stores, holding out for one particular game announcement can feel kind of ridiculous. There's so much out there to play! And yet, it's not our fault that a certain game or series was everything we ever wanted. We can keep replaying something that's truly excellent, sure, but what if it were expanded on with an intelligent, captivating follow up? For many gamers, there's a particular game that would instill utter elation if it gained a successor, and this week's Stiq Figures is all about those dream games that might happen ... someday.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a Super Mario Sunshine sequel. As someone who has spent most of his gaming time hoarding coins and stocking 1-Ups, I genuinely enjoyed struggling with Sunshine. I know Mario's mechanics well, but FLUDD's water-powered twist on platforming left me struggling to gather enough Shines to just reach the last stage. Sunshine was a left field experimentation with my favorite universe, and for the most part I was pleased with its additions.

I know there are far more obscure games out there with devoted fans, though. Whether it was a singular adventure or a spinoff/odd turn for a series like Sunshine, which new game reveal would make your year? Share your development-related hopes and dreams with us in the comments, right after you check out this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

3DS LL: 42,365 [UP] 9,193
Vita: 20,825 [UP] 3,741
Wii U: 18,161 [UP] 4,563
3DS: 9,429 [UP] 1,556
PS4: 6,913 [UP] 1,443
PS3: 6,260 [DOWN] 226
Vita TV: 1,491 [UP] 147
PSP: 416 [UP] 115
Xbox 360: 160 [UP] 9
[Image: Nintendo]

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