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    Do You Believe: is it worth it?


    Do You Believe is an educational app available on all iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later where users can pick a category and decide if they believe a certain statement is true. For example, if you pick the technology category, one of the questions is whether you believe that "you can control electronic objects with power of thought." Under this statement are a green checkmark to signify you think the statement is true and a red x to tap if you think it is false.

    After your selection, some of the answers have explanations for why the answer is true or false, which is a really nice feature as you feel like you are learning something interesting. However, only some of the statements explain why the reason it is true or false.

    In the water category there is a question about hot water freezing faster than cold water, when you tap the green checkmark, it comes up as true but says there is nothing to add which leaves users in the dark especially if they disagree with the answer. There is a great learning potential that is lost when some questions don't give proper explanations. Some of the statements have spelling errors and a lot of the answers are written poorly which makes it hard to understand why the answer is true or false.

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    The category selection screen is interesting with a simple block design and the selected block expands to take up about half of the screen making it really easy to tell which category is selected. This design does not continue once you press the "go" button on the category. The questions page has a basic tab layout with a white background and only a green checkmark or red x for the questions you have already attempted. The design of the category selection screen is so visually appealing that transitioning to the questions screen feels jarring.

    Do You Believe is available on the App Store as a lite version for free and a paid version which features more questions than the lite version for US$0.99. This review is of the free version of the app and in this version, Do You Believe has too many grammatical errors that cause confusion and detract from the fun true and false nature of the app for it to be worth the download.

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