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Joystiq is giving away tens of thousands of Dizzel beta codes

We love games, you love games. That is why you are here reading this right now, it is the central component in our ineffable bond. Want to know what we love even more? Playing games a little bit early. Why wait when you can dive into the gory innards of a game as it's being made? Indulge in that impulse by participating in the Dizzel beta. OGPlanet and Neowiz's third-person shooter MMO is making its way to the US for the very first time and you can get in on the beta easily. How?

Just click this link. It's that simple. After you've done that, follow the instructions below the break to redeem your code.

[Images: OGPlanet]

Steam Key Code Redemption Instructions

1. Download and Install Dizzel through Steam
2. Once in-game, locate and click the 'Shop' button on the top menu.
3. Press the 'Cash Reload' button located on the bottom right.
4. Steam's Cash Purchase window will be displayed.
5. You will notice 'Item Package Redemption' on the right section.
6. Please input your Keycode, and press 'Redeem.'
7. Please allow up to 15 minutes for delivery. Your item will arrive in your Inventory's 'Storage' section.

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