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TellSpecopedia breaks down how ingredients affect your health


Few things in life are better than food, and even ridesharing companies like Uber are beginning to take note of this. Still, sometimes it's hard to know everything about the grub you're consuming, making you completely unaware of the impact certain stuff could have on your health. Enter TellSpec, a startup which has created a knowledge database, named TellSpecopedia, to provide people with detailed information on food ingredients. As it stands, the website covers a total of 1,300 every-day elements, including additives, contaminants and "manufacturing by-products," allowing you to search through them, find out what each ingredient is exactly and, ultimately, see if it's good or bad for your health. TellSpecopedia also lets you narrow things down and focus on how a specific ingredient can affect different sections on your body -- there are categories like Gastrointestinal Effects, Metabolic Effects, Cardiovascular Effects and many more. The new online database comes after TellSpec introduced a portable, $150 scanner last year, which allows users to identify food ingredients on the fly.

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