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Vita gobbles up Don't Starve: Reign of Giants next week


Don't Starve for me, soon on (E)Vita. The truth is Klei's dark realization of wilderness survival hits the Sony handheld on September 2 in North America and the day after in Europe, priced at $15 and 14 euros. It includes the Reign of Giants expansion that came to PS4 separately back in July, but at no extra cost.

Despite that disparity, Klei's made the Vita version cross-buy; if you own the game on PS4 you unlock it on Vita, and vice-versa. Don't Starve isn't cross-play, though, so saves won't cross over between PS4 and Vita.

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Don't Starve wasn't starved for stars in our review, earning four and a half of them for being a "survival game with streamlined, robust mechanics and infinite ways to die," as well as a handy primer for Boy Scouts. Reign of Giants expands on the campfire capers with new characters, seasons and habitats to explore, plus an extra save slot. Then there's the not-so-small matter of the giants themselves...

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