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A nostalgic look at the Macintosh Portable, Apple's first laptop


The Macintosh Portable, Apple's first laptop and the first consumer laptop to travel into space, was released in 1989. Groundbreaking in its day, the laptop was still a bulky travel companion, roughly the size of the phone book at four inches at its thickest point. Still, it came packed to its vents with ports, modular design, a floppy disc drive, and a trackball that could be removed and replaced with a numeric keypad. Users could expect six to twelve hours of battery life, but the computer had an odd glitch once the battery was dead.

YouTube user Canoopsy explores the quirks of the Macintosh Portable, and compares it to Apple's modern laptops, in this recently posted video. It's a fascinating look back at just how far we've come since the early days of laptops. Enjoy.

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