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Joystiq Deals: Limefuel Lite USB battery pack


This edition of Joystiq Deals brings you the Limefuel Lite dual-USB battery pack, a pocket-sized device that promises to grant even your most power-hungry portable devices enough juice to run two to three times longer than their original batteries would allow.

The heart of the Limefuel Lite is a 15,000mAh Lithium-ion battery attached to two USB ports. During charging, a digital readout lets users know exactly how much charge remains in the battery pack, and automatic on/off functionality ensures that the Limefuel Lite won't bleed energy while not in use. According to the manufacturer, the Limefuel Lite is good for "500+ lifetime use cycles," and even includes an attached flashlight for those moments when the lights go out and you'd rather not smash your face in looking for the circuit breaker.

Normally priced at $55, Joystiq Deals is offering the Limefuel Lite dual USB battery pack for $35. If you're interested, hurry over to the Joystiq Deals website and place your order. This offer is only valid through the end of the day.
Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

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