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Juniper says tablet gaming revenue to triple by 2019, top $13 billion


Want to see an industry triple its sales in just five years? Keep an eye on tablet gaming, because that's what Juniper Research is predicting will happen by 2019. The typically well-regarded research firm claims that this year's revenue figure for tablet gaming -- a healthy $3.6 billion -- will hit $13.3 billion in just five years' time.

Juniper points to increasingly powerful tablets, higher storage capacities, and improved internet speeds across the globe as contributing factors to the booming growth of tablet gaming. At the same time, the firm suggests that PC and console gaming revenues will actually shrink by several billion dollars, though at over $40 billion across the industry, it will still far outperform tablets.

I also have to imagine that the strong drive of free-to-play games plays into the rapid growth as well, with casual gamers throwing huge amounts of cash at games like Kim Kardashian's Hollywood. Without consumers willing to pay into the same game repeatedly over the course of weeks or months, it might be a very different story.

[via GamesIndustry]

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