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Mega Man X4, X5 zero in on PlayStations next month


Two of the PlayStation-era Mega Man X platformers are blasting their way onto PS3 and Vita in the next couple of weeks. The first mighty number to land is X4, which hits PSN in North America on September 2. X5 follows a week later on September 9. Capcom didn't announce prices, but hopefully the games won't cost a pretty zenny.

Mega Man X4 was the first of the series to ditch the SNES and take full advantage of the 32-bit Sega Saturn and PlayStation. Apart from PC versions from around the turn of the millennium and a mobile phone port in Japan, Capcom hasn't put out either game as a standalone on other systems until now (they did appear in the PS2 and GameCube Mega Man X Collection). Does this mean Mega Man X6-8 could be on the way too?

What we do know is Mega Man X3 is coming to the Wii U eShop tomorrow, since it's the last one left in Capcom's Roll-out of weekly Mega Mans (Mega Men?) this month. If you're eager for some X, the series' first two entries are already available on the eShop.

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