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    Wood Blocks for Kids is a construction game that falls flat

    Wood Blocks for Kids is a game where players construct buildings by arranging vividly colorful blocks. Players start out by choosing a block set, the first set is free and the other three are available through an in app purchase. After selecting a block set, players can add a block to the scene by tapping on the plus button and then selecting a block, they then drag the block where they want it and let go to drop it into place. There is also a semi-transparent pattern background in each set that players can toggle if they want to follow a pattern or just need some ideas on how to get started. Wood Blocks for Kids is compatible with iPads running iOS 4.3 or later.

    Players can toggle rotation of blocks on and off in the right side menu. Having rotation on makes the blocks rotate in a weird way that is hard to control. It is usually better to leave rotation off as it is possible to make most buildings with the standard direction pieces. Moving the blocks in Wood Blocks for Kids is very difficult and sometimes blocks get stuck and act as if one point of the block is pinned to the background.

    Another problem with the blocks is that they are very easy to knock over. This makes your hard work at building up a tower even harder when you try to delete a block. Sometimes these deleted blocks gets stuck in the background, hitting other nearby blocks and causing a domino effect. Having this happen quite a few times takes a lot of the fun out of creating your own buildings.

    Collapsed wooden block building

    The UI is not very intuitive as you have to go into the add block menu and tap the "menu" button to save what you have been working on in the gallery. This is very confusing and it would make more sense to have a dedicated save button. There could also be better indicators in the UI for the in app purchases. Currently there are locks on the sets that are available for purchase but there isn't much indication that you have to purchase the sets, such as a price, until you tap on the locked set and you see the sign into the App Store popup.

    Wood Blocks for Kids is a free construction game that doesn't stand up to expectations of fun intuitive gameplay because of the bugs that overwhelm the player too often.

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