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    Checkmark 2.1 makes reminders better


    Checkmark 2 ($2.99) has been updated to version 2.1, which introduces several very nice changes. The iPhone reminders app from Snowman has been on my home screen since I first reviewed it, and this update only affirms that decision.

    One big change is the snooze feature, which lets you temporarily dismiss a reminder. Now, much like the persistent Due, Checkmark will bug you until you respond to a reminder. The fact that I could dismiss a reminder in the previous version and never see it again was troublesome for me (read: mind like a sieve). Now, Checkmark won't let me off the hook. I love it.

    Other changes include improved recurring reminders. Specifically, individual items must be checked off and they now affect the app's badge count. Finally, you can add tappable actions in notes. Got a URL with info that's pertinent to a reminder or location? Add it right in there. Again, this fixes one of my major complaints about the previous version.

    Checkmark 2 is a great reminder app, and 2.1 makes it even better.

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