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Judge rebuffs Apple's effort to secure sales ban on infringing Samsung products


Samsung and Apple may have settled all of their international legal disputes, but the two tech giants are still busy duking it out here in the States.

The latest news from the ongoing Apple/Samsung legal saga is that Judge Lucy Koh recently rejected Apple's efforts to secure a product ban against Samsung smartphones.

A report from Bloomberg adds that Apple's attempt to attain an injunction was rebuffed even after Apple proffered a "narrowly tailored" ban to the Court.

Apple tried to make its latest sales ban request more viable by targeting specific infringing features in nine Samsung devices, and by offering what it called a "sunset period" to give its Suwon, South Korea-based competitor a chance to design around the features before any ban was enforced, according to a court filing.

To date, Apple has successfully litigated two patent infringement cases against Samsung, netting over $1 billion in damages in the process. With Samsung appealing, however, Apple hasn't yet received a dime from Samsung. On top of that, Apple's efforts to secure a product ban against Samsung products that are selling well hasn't yet been successful in the long run.

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