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No one deserves a bootleg iPhone 6


Friends don't let friends buy crappy bootlegged iPhones, and even your enemies should be spared. With the release of the iPhone 6 quickly approaching, scammers and opportunists are getting ready to screw over unsuspecting rubes. People who don't know any better will see an iPhone 6 selling for US$200 online and think, "Wow, maybe I've found a deal." Then comes the unboxing, and with it the crushing realization they purchased a fraud, unfit for even making a phone call without crippling lag.

If you have a friend who is known for taking deals that are too good to be true -- a "Jack" who buys magic beans if you will -- show them this video. Explain to them the horrors that await in the world of bootlegged iPhones. Save them the pain of inviting the unknown into their home.

Be happy YouTuber DarGadgetZ took the hit for them. If they still insist on buying one they deserve what happens.

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