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    Epic Eric saves the day with one touch

    Epic Eric is an action packed puzzle game where you play as a knight or princess who must save the other. There are platforming elements that challenge the player to get the right combinations of moves and timing to collect stars and reach the princess. Epic Eric is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

    Currently there are 45 levels spanning three different themed worlds, but there looks to be more levels coming soon. In each world, an evil knight who bears a similar resemblance to the Marvel comic villain, Magneto, picks up the princess or knight with a device that looks like a claw machine, and the levels begin from there.

    The levels range in difficulty with good pacing throughout. The early levels are fairly easy for beginners to get into. Each level builds upon previous levels by adding new platforming challenges and obstacles. This helps prevent the game from getting too frustratingly hard as when you feel stuck in one level after trying numerous times to get through it, you can go back to a previous level and try out new ways of completing it. There were not too many levels that required this method, but if you are trying to go the completionist route and get all three stars in each level, you may find yourself doing this often.

    Villain character in Epic Eric who looks like Marvel's Magneto

    The controls for Epic Eric are very simple, you tap anywhere on the screen to make your character jump onto a spinning gear or other platforming element. From there you decide when to tap again to get the character moving toward the next platform until you reach the pole on the other side of the level. Controlling only the jumping ability makes the game easy for beginners to get started quickly, but it also presents a challenge of having to time jumps precisely in order to progress through the level.

    Along the way, there are three stars you can pick up before completing the level. However, going after a star that is in the opposite direction as the goal can end badly, making you start the level over again. Having three stars available for picking up also brings replay value to the base gameplay. Some players may choose to get through all of the levels without worrying about getting all of the stars first and then return to complete the levels fully.

    Epic Eric spins on gear toward star

    The art style in Epic Eric is quite beautiful and the use of color brings a fun, vibrant, and hand crafted feel to each level. Some levels have special touches like planets in the star filled sky, this add depth to the static background and keeps players engaged in the game. The music is very action oriented with a hint of whimsy, it reminded me a lot like something from a Batman movie soundtrack or even The Nightmare Before Christmas. It has a kind of dark and spooky feel to it but somehow it fits just fine with the action of the puzzle gameplay.

    Epic Eric offers players great replay value, an awesome art style, epic music, and fun puzzles for US$0.99 on the App Store and it is definitely worth getting if you enjoy puzzles games and want something fun to pick up and play during a break or just relaxing.

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