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MMO Week in Review: PAX Prime 2014


Read on for a look at the rest of this week's top MMO stories.

Other top MMO stories

WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney steps down as president of Carbine Studios
Blizzard is already working on World of Warcraft's sixth expansion
Camelot Unchained alpha has been postponed half a year
Star Trek Online's expansion and communication
Funcom's revenues decrease in Q2
Guild Wars 2 is revamping the new player experience
Landmark's combat patch goes live
CCP lays off two execs, closes San Francisco offices
Twitch viewership now rivals prime-time cable
Blizzard's Tom Chilton on World of Warcraft's slow content pace
Get Skyforge closed beta keys in a social media scavenger hunt
GX3 Kickstarter gets a big boost from Blizzard
Diablo 2.10 patch releases with week of in-game bonuses
Trion Worlds denies ArcheAge server security breach
Star Trek Online drops a Delta Rising trailer, new ship tier
SWTOR conquests are good but not there yet
H1Z1 is a full-fledged survival experience
Destiny: No trading with others allowed
Habits that WildStar should keep
Lord of the Rings Online fans clean up old models
Here are some tips for The Crew's closed beta

The Stream Team
The Stream Team: Experiencing Landmark's first combat arenas
The Stream Team: Becoming a TERA BAM killer
The Stream Team: Random drafting in Dota 2
The Stream Team: Launching into Landmark's combat
The Stream Team: Looking for trouble in ArcheAge places
The Stream Team: Firefall's farewell
The Stream Team: It's so hard to choose just one in Marvel Heroes

WoW Insider
Warlords of Draenor: Call to Arms removed
Warlords of Draenor: PvP now requires active flagging on PvE realms
The incredible aging demographic of WoW
Rob Kazinsky says movie Azeroth sets "exceed every expectation"

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