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Around Azeroth, Beta Edition: Wrapping things up


"Having been in the beta since the beginning, I've seen a lot of things," writes submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). "One thing that strikes me is the amount of detail given to this new world. This is a case in point. I was out wandering around, having done everything I could do in Shadowmoon at level 93. The road through Talador took me past these two hippos, excuse me, riverbeasts. There was a fishing pool near them so I stopped to fish. While fishing, I took some time to watch what had been programmed in front of me. These hippos were splashing each other. I have to admit that after fishing out the pool, I watched for a few minutes because it just seemed so fun.

I've seen a lot of this in the expac, from fireflies in my garrison to the names of two of the cats. (Dinah! One of the cats is named Dinah!) The attention to detail is incredible. Around every corner there seems to be something I need to stop and see. As the beta has expanded, almost every new build brings an "Ooooh!" moment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the beta. I know there are people who find what Blizzard is doing to be dumb and are leaving, but I'm not one of them. I can't wait for this to go live if splashing hippos is any indication of what I'm going to find."

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