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Developers wanted for Capcom's new mystery fighter


Street Fighter 4 producer Yoshinori Ono has issued a call seeking developers to assist in the creation of a new, unnamed fighting game. "We are recruiting colleagues to work together with us at Dimps studio for new FG," Ono recently tweeted alongside a link to Imagica Digitalscape, a Japanese website that lists job openings in the games industry.

Unfortunately, the Imagica Digitalscape page linked by Ono offers only a vague job description. The position is seeking fighting game fans who are also competent developers to work on a "next generation fighting game," but no solid details on the game itself are revealed by the listing. It wouldn't come as a shock if this were another Street Fighter entry - Dimps and Capcom co-developed Street Fighter 4 - but the two developers both have an extensive history in the fighting game genre. Even if we assume this isn't an original property, it could be anything from a new Darkstalkers game to that third Rumble Fish entry that six people in Japan have been anxiously anticipating since 2005.
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