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    Hook the big ones with the Digital Guide to Fishing Knots

    John Emmert

    If you follow the tips and steps to tying proper knots in this app you won't need to talk about the "one that got away" with your fishing buddies. The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots is an iPad app that costs US$.99 and needs iOS 6.0 or later.

    The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots' layout makes it easy to follow. The app offers an Introduction that details the various kinds of fishing line available today and advantages and disadvantages of each. You receive seven tips for effective knot tying that apply to all of the knots in the app. You will also find a table of contents listing each of the five basic kinds of knots and then specific knots in each area.

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    Once you select one of the knots, The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots provides step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to tie the knot. These instructions are easy to follow and the drawings make the process very simple. Some of the knots have just three steps while the Double Uni-knot is a six step tying process.

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    On some of the knots you will see a symbol in the upper right corner that says Tap for More Info. A simple tap brings up background information on the specific knot and also for the kind of knot such as a Loop. The app also gives you information on how the knot is best utilized such as joining two lines together or attaching a hook or weight to the line.

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    In the iTunes Store you will find at least a couple of dozen of similar apps on fishing knots. Some are free and some cost a lot more. The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots was prepared by Peter Owen, a British author who has published a number of books on tying knots for fishing and other outdoor activities. Field and Stream Fishing Knots Handbook and the LL Bean Outdoors Knot Handbook were both prepared by Owen so clearly he knows his stuff. Owen only offers twelve knots in his app while some of the others have as many as a hundred. Owen believes his twelve knots will cover just about every situation plus users will find it much easier to learn and perfect twelve knots rather than dozens.

    Even if you are not a fisherman, The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots, can still come in handy. A a lot of these knots would be useful in camping, sailing, climbing, or just for lashing down things on your car or in your home.

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