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We're live at IFA 2014 in Berlin!

Brad Molen

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It's the first week of September, which means we're getting ready to attend the annual IFA trade show in Berlin. IFA is a difficult show to describe: While it's becoming a huge launchpad for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, it's also traditionally been a place for companies to exhibit their latest fridges, microwaves and vacuum cleaners (most of them equipped with smart capabilities, at least). Whether you're into the latest tech or just looking for a new blender, there's plenty to see here -- though you'll forgive us if we glaze over news about upcoming sewing machines, instead focusing on Galaxy Notes, Xperia tablets, Android Wear watches and other consumer electronics. We'll be liveblogging announcements from Samsung and Sony, so stay tuned for those; and keep this page bookmarked to see everything we announce from the show.

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