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New Flight School jobs propel GTA 5 into the danger zone


The latest round of jobs added to the open-world crime sandbox that is Grand Theft Auto Online will feed your need for speed, assuming you're old enough to understand that as a Top Gun reference and not a nod to EA's racing games.

Building on the recent, fan-favorite Flight School Update, Grand Theft Auto Online now features two new contact missions. The first, "Chop Chop," sees players hijacking helicopters from Merryweather Security before turning their airborne ordinance back on the the PMC's goons. In the second contact mission, "Effin' Lazers," players will fly the titular fighter jets on a mission to destroy similar jets owned by rival drug dealers. Obligatory Kenny Loggins anthem not included.

The remaining missions are a mixed bag of races, parachute jumps and a capture maps. Highlights include "Flying Colors," where players race jets mere feet above the scrub brush of East Blaine County, and the "Under The Bridge" event where brave souls leap from a helicopter 4,000 feet in the air before using their parachute skills to float to relative safety beneath a bridge. For full details on all of the new missions joining Grand Theft Auto Online visit the Rockstar Games blog.
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