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Slices of Apple episode 4: Customer Service part 2


Apple Stores in Los Angeles see an influx of demanding customers. Apple has been a part of entertainment for years, and even has a group assigned to making sure Apple products appear in TV and movies. In this episode of Slices of Apple, I talk to the Arthur Matiossian, CEO of Pheebo, an entertainment app with slick design and excellent curated video content. He also happened to work at the Apple Store in The Grove in Los Angeles, and learned a lot from those demanding customers and Apple about making great products and exceeding customer expectations.

In this episode of Slices of Apple we'll discuss what it's like to work for a world class group like Apple in a retail environment, selling to customers who demand the best. We'll also hear about how details, build quality and design are important to your business and your customers.

In the next episode we'll hear from former Apple employees who worked at the Cupertino campus before the return of Steve Jobs in 1997.

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