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Amazon's Fire TV finally comes to Europe, UK and Germany get first dibs


Americans have been able to get their fill of Amazon's set-top box for a few months. Now it's Europe's turn! The internet giant is bringing the Fire TV to the old world, and it'll be up for pre-order tonight. Customers in Germany will get first crack at it, when it ships on September 25th for €99. If you're an existing Prime subscriber, Amazon will cut that figure in half to just €49. The UK will get its chance on October 23rd. There you'll get the same discounted price of £49 for being a prime member, but it'll only cost £79 if you haven't already pledged yourself to the Amazon ecosystem. If you haven't already bought a Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV, perhaps this is the streaming box you've been waiting for. If it isn't... well then, you're running out of options.

Update: If you want to cash in on those discounts you better move quick. The deal is only good for the next five days.

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