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Payday devs poke fun at Battlefield Hardline similarities


Only the blind could deny similarities between upcoming cops-versus-robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline and the extant Payday franchise of cops-versus-robbers shooters, but to ensure that absolutely everyone is in on the joke, Payday 2 developer Overkill Software has decided to spoof EA's game in its latest DLC announcement.

Though the "Gage Assault Pack" is a pretty typical addition - it features four new guns, four melee weapons, four masks, four materials and four patterns - its unveiling has a decidedly familiar aesthetic. From the font to the wheelchair-bound fellow who seems to have contracted whatever horrible disease makes the soldiers of Battlefield glow with an eerie incandescence, the DLC's page is directly modeled after Battlefield Hardline's promotional materials. Overkill even created background music for the page that's legally distinct but undoubtedly sounds like the bombastic Battlefield Hardline score.

Moving past the cute homage, which Overkill describes as "tipping [its] hats to a fellow Swedish game developer," the Gage Assault Pack will reach Steam on September 4 and will feature a $5 price tag. For more details visit the Overkill Software website.
[Image: Overkill Software]

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