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The Evil Within launching October 16 in Europe


Good news, survival horror fanatics of Europe: You won't have a long wait before The Evil Within scares the sweet bejeezus out of you. Bethesda announced today that Tango Gameworks' brain-bending gorefest will hit Europe, South Africa, India and the Middle East on October 14, arriving the same day as its scheduled North American release.

Directed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within traps players at the scene of a grisly mass murder, where they must carefully ration limited supplies in order to survive. Bethesda recently released an hour's worth of streamed gameplay footage if you want to mentally prepare yourself for what horrors await in the full retail version.

The Evil Within will launch on October 16 in Australia, October 17 in New Zealand, and October 23 in Japan.

[Image: Bethesda]

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