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The Room Three hits iOS, Android in Spring 2015


It must be Christmas for fans of cleverly designed virtual puzzles, as developer Fireproof Games has just announced a third entry in its critically-beloved, best-selling series The Room. "Also today we're officially announcing this ol' game: The Room Three," reads a tweet from Fireproof co-founder Barry Meade.

Meade's message is accompanied by the image above stating that The Room Three will be available on iOS and Android devices in Spring of 2015. Unfortunately, that's the extent of what Fireproof is currently willing to say about the game. On a more positive note, anyone who has yet to play The Room or The Room Two can grab either excellent game for very little money. The Room is available on iOS and Android for $1, while its sequel can be found on iOS and Android for $3.
[Image: Fireproof Games]

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