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You can now answer Xbox One Skype calls with your voice


If there's one wing of Microsoft that's hoping a Kinect is part of your Xbox One experience, it's probably Skype. The latest updates to SuperSkype Extreme let you answer a call while you're playing a game or watching TV, snapping it off to the side like just about every other app on the console with a simple "Xbox, answer" voice command. The snapped-app fun doesn't stop there, because instead of interrupting whatever you're doing to view any recent calls or favorite contacts by going full-screen, you can now do that in the small window off to the side of your display. Message previews get in on the same action, too. If you're of the picture-sharing mind, the Xbox One app now accepts messages sent via mobile device as well, and you can even turn them into a slideshow if that's your bag -- after all, it won't cost you anything.

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