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    Score big this season with All Star Quarterback

    John Emmert

    Just in time for the start of the football season a new football simulation game, All Star Quarterback, is available at the iTunes store for downloading. This is a free universal app that requires iOS 7.0. All Star Quarterback is a football and lifestyle simulation. You start out as a rookie quarterback and go through the draft to see which team picks you. The game does not have an NFL license so the teams do not use the recognized team names; no Dolphins, Bears, or Raiders.

    Once you are drafted you control what takes place during your rookie season. The game offers you the chance to move up the depth chart and become the starter and even an all pro. As you progress you will find more and more opportunities available to you. As the games are played you get the chance to prove yourself by mastering the playbook and learning all the plays. Everything in the game hinges on your Energy Level. When it's high and you can play, train, and do other things important for your career. When it's too low you are limited in what you can accomplish.

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    All Star Quarterback rewards you with tokens and energy drinks as you progress. You can use the tokens to buy more drinks and other items. The app also features in-app purchases for drinks, extra plays, and equipment to help you improve like gloves. However I found you can move forward without spending real dollars albeit more slowly.

    In addition to the games, All Star Quarterback also involves you in other off the field activities such as intermingling with fans, dealing with the media, getting an agent to earn you sponsors and bonuses, and keeping up a good relationship with your teammates and head coach. Successful completion of these tasks assist you as you move up the depth chart and earn you more tokens to be used for energy and other items.

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    Among those other items are things you would be expected to buy: clothes, vehicles, homes, clothing, electronics, a hot tub, and designer watch. The more you earn, the more you can buy, and with each purchase you gain higher approval from the fans and more energy.

    The game play is simple and the graphics in the training sessions are good. The actual games are done similar to what you see on web sites that show "drive charts". Each play is marked with gained or lost yardage. Overall I think the gameplay is okay but early on you won't do a lot of football simulation. That will come later once you move up to be the starting quarterback.

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    Not the best football game I have played, but All Star Quarterback offers an extra diversion for you when you are not watching football or deciding your fantasy line up. It does provide you with the chance to move along a full career and many others do not.

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