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On like Donkey Kong; new champion crowned with record score

S. Prell, @SamPrell

In 2011, surgeon Hank Chien broke the then-record score for Donkey Kong, and became - for the second time - the world champion of the classic game. But all kings of Kong eventually fall from the Empire State Building their throne, and so it was with Chien, whose title has now passed to a man named Robbie Lakeman.

The Donkey Kong Blog, a website dedicated to following the Donkey Kong competitive scene, reports Lakeman's score as 1,141,800 - a relatively narrow victory over Chien's score of 1,138,600. Interestingly, while Lakeman typically streamed his attempts at beating the record, the run that resulted in his new title was instead uploaded after the fact. However, you can watch the whole four-hour ordeal by checking out the video after the break.

[Image: Nintendo]

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