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Square Enix service lets you rent Final Fantasy games on your phone


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Want to give Final Fantasy a try on your phone without paying a high price or buying specific hardware? It's time to book a flight to Tokyo. Square Enix has unveiled Dive In, a currently Japan-only streaming game service that lets you rent titles on your Android and iOS devices. Much like PlayStation Now, you pay depending on both the games in question and how long you want to play. If you plan to rush through Season of Mystery in three days, it'll cost you 150 yen ($1.41); if you're content with finishing Final Fantasy XIII over the course of a year, you'll pay 1,800 yen ($17). You can also play 30 minutes of any game for free if you're not sure that you're ready to commit. Dive In will be ready for Japanese fans on October 9th. There's no word on launches elsewhere, although it wouldn't be surprising to see some international expansion if the service catches on.

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